Howdy! I'm Andy, KE5EXX

I've been an Amateur Radio operator since May 2005. I've been involved in everything from EMCOMM, to VHF/UHF Contesting, to HF Rag Chewing, to Field Day, to EME.

Our youngest son, Andrew, and I could be found on the road chasing grids as a VHF Rover before he got old enough to think that wasn't cool anymore...

Now I help install towers for emergency communications, help mentor new hams, and assist in any way that I can when disasters strike.

Fast forward a few years. The kids are all grown and gone, some with kids of their own.

That is why I'm talking to you today.

I'd like to talk to you from my heart for just a minute about being around for your grandkids. I was very sedentary and I loved doing anything that I could as long as I was sitting down.

As you can imagine that's not a great lifestyle if you want to be live long and healthy. When my grandkids came about I decided that I wanted to make a change to be able to be around for them I needed to become a better me for my grandgirls.

In August of 2019 some friends told me about a system that would allow me to have more energy, to have more vitality, to strengthen my immune system, and to help me lose weight. The products did that! I started the products and by the third day, I knew that I had done something different in my life. I had the energy to get off the couch and start exercising. I changed my eating habits. When people saw the change in me they asked me what was going on. I told them and shared some products with them and now I have a business. You see, in just my first 6 months on this new system, I lost 4 inches in my waist and 23 lbs and had the energy to start playing with my grandgirls.

I'd like to help you be the grandparent your grandkids need.

If you are tired of being tired...
tired of being unhealthy...

I'd like to talk with you and see if what I'm doing is a fit for you.

If you are interested, please fill out the form.

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